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We offer the most effective nano ceramic coating product on the market!

Enhances the color of your vehicle. WetProof Bionica’s water-repellent feature gives your vehicle a shiny appearance and helps to remove scratches with heat. BionicA protects your vehicle’s bodywork from scratches and stains while providing a silky appearance.

It is the leading product in the market and has no rivals. BionicA’s features are not limited to these. It also provides long-term protection for your vehicle, covering all defects on your vehicle’s surface, and preserving the quality of its original paint, giving it a new look that lasts up to 5 years. Additionally, BionicA’s premium quality and durability make it perfect for vehicles exposed to external influences such as temperature and UV rays.

BionicA is the latest bionic coating product using advanced technology developed by our brand that penetrates deep into the paint-varnish layer of your vehicle, providing optimal protection against external elements.

BionicA is produced by combining nanotechnology and high-quality polymers, resulting in an incredible shine on the surface. Additionally, its high water repellency allows your vehicle to stay clean for a long time.

BionicA can be applied to all types of vehicles, classic cars, rvs, aircraft and boats.

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